marta noe
photographer / digital artist

A professional photographer for 10 years, Atlanta-based artist Marta Noe feeds her passion for art and life from her vantage point behind the lens. From there, she captures the truth and beauty of those moments that become memories.

A unique, diverse background and work experience have fueled Marta’s inspired vision and elegant style. From growing up in Eastern Europe, to earning her creative arts degree from the acclaimed Ringling School of Art in Florida, to working with accomplished commercial photographers in metropolitan markets, Marta’s qualifications cover a wide spectrum.

Her close connection with clients and her commitment to storytelling have made her a sought-after wedding photographer. Her ability to tap into the stories of life allows her to tell them in a natural way, turning ordinary moments into art.

Each portrait, each wedding, each day brings a new story for Marta to interpret. As witness and storyteller, she searches out those special little moments, making them timeless with her attention to detail. Smiles become heirlooms. Glances become secrets shared forever.



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